All our wall panelling products can simply be cut around window and door frames and there are 2 framing kits available to frame a window or door aperture if desired. Please enquire when ordering your kits.

Yes, as our wall panelling kits come complete with their own skirting boards.

Radiators should be removed (by a qualified plumber) prior to installing the wall panelling. Once the wall panelling has been fixed, the brackets can be re-fixed through the wall panelling and the radiator hung and reconnected.

Electrical sockets must be re-sited, if necessary, to sit within a panel rather than a rail. This work must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Once moved, the socket cover can be fixed through the wall panelling.

Tongue and groove wall panelling is 6mm thick, whereas all other styles are 12mm thick, except for Georgian wall panelling which is 18mm thick. Moulded capping rail is 32mm thick, plate rails project 120mm.

Probably not the capping rail, but we can provide a frame kit to overcome the projecting capping rails.

All of the wall panelling components have been fine sanded and primed prior to delivery so that only an undercoat and topcoat are required on site.

Simply divide the total wall length(s) you wish to cover by the width of the wall panelling kit you wish to purchase, and this will give you the number of kits you require.

All of our wall panelling components are precision cut and provided that you ensure that the base rail is fitted exactly horizontally, the remaining components should remain square.

All of the wall panelling is made from moisture resistant MDF and provided it is painted correctly, should be resistant to water. The wall panelling is not suitable for shower enclosures, above the bath or wet rooms, however it is suitable for bath panels.