Gerogian Wall Panel - Dado height

Bespoke Georgian Panelling

Classically set at dado height, the Georgian style includes a raised panel framed by a simple and elegant moulding. Typically the panels would be symmetrical along the wall and the same proportion throughout the room.

Made to order

This panelling style requires a survey as the panels are made to suit your space and can be portrait, landscape or a combination of the two.

Price: £295.00 per linear metre


Georgian Sketch

Georgian Panelling

Capping Rails

Moulded and Plain Capping Rails


Bevelled, Torus and Victorian Skirting
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We offer a service where by bespoke panelling can be designed to your specification in any of the styles here as well as a Georgian style based upon wall panelling in a National Trust property in Spitalfields.

Please contact us for information.